Backwoods Buffet 10 lbs 2 Acres

Backwoods Buffet is the perfect balance of rape, turnip, hybrid brassica, sugar beets and Diakon radish.  This mix grows large and leafy producing tons of nutritious, high protein forage.  After the first hard frost, the starch contained in these plants will change to sugar and will prove irresistible to the deer.  The turnips, sugar beets and radishes will provide your deer herd a tremendous winter food source.

17% Buck Buster Rape
17% Athena Rape
16% Hunter Brassica
17% Purple Top Turnip
17% Diakon Tillage Radish
16% Sugar Beets


Plant - August 1st—15th

Seed Rate— 5lbs/acre

Fertilizer — 19-19-19



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Backwoods Buffet 10 lbs 2 Acres

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