Eagle Big Fellow RR™ Approx 50.5 lbs
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Big Fellow RR is an extremely tall, very large leafed Roundup Ready forage variety. It has been tested in numerous university trials and is an outstanding high protein, high tonnage producer. Big Fellow is also known for its drought tolerance and indeterminate growth habit which makes it truly rare. It can keep growing through heavy browsing by cattle or deer. It continues providing excellent nutrition later in the year after other varieties have completed their life cycle. 

Big Fellow is superior to both earlier and later maturing soybeans as a food for animals because it puts on more than twice as many nodes as a regular cultivar -- this means more height, tonnage, leaf area, and browse tolerance.

This variety is a favorite of silage growers since it has very high feed value...equal to alfalfa. It has excellent seed yield and is available in the deer blends, Wildlife Manager's Mix, Habitat Haven, and GameKeeper.


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Eagle Big Fellow RR™ Approx 50.5 lbs

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