Whitetail Soybeans 50 lbs. 1 acre
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Soybeans are quickly catching on as one of the best crops to grow for whitetail food plots. Not only are soybeans easy to grow but they also offer the deer a quality food source during the late spring and through the following winter. While “forage” type soybeans have gained some support within the hunting community, Real Worlds soybean blend has proven to be the choice in numerous side-by-side trials in multiple states. Independent lab analysis have proven that real world soybeans provide the same (or sometimes better) nutrient levels during the green browse stage. It is in the later periods when Real World soybeans really shine however. Real Worlds soybean blend produces a vastly superior grain crop that deer and other wildlife crave during the later fall and winter months. Our soybean blend contains 3 varieties each selected for their proven late season shatter resistance. Finally Real World soybean blend is Round-Up Ready making it easy to grow a clean, weed free plot.

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Whitetail Soybeans 50 lbs. 1 acre

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